My family and I are California natives.  My husband and I grew up in the cozy foothills of Southern California, and our two young children have done the same thus far.  We are relocating to Minnesota for Andrew’s career.  We are sad to leave all of our family and friends, but know that we will return “home” as soon as possible.  With that being said, we begin our adventure and look forward to sharing it with anyone that has any interest in reading about it.


17 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey! I’m a Minnesota native who has moved to the cozy foothills of Southern California. I’ll keep your spot warm for you until you return if you promise to do the same for me!

  2. Saw your blog on “Freshly Pressed.” Congrats and welcome to Minnesota! I believe we’re neighbors! I live in Chanhassen, just up the road. I saw your pictures from the Landscape Arboretum, very nice, that’s one of my family’s favorite places.

    Check out some of the local wildlife areas too, there are several preserves within the Three Rivers Park district that are very nice and sometimes offer kids activities on weekends. Lowry Nature Center in Victoria isn’t far away and my younger guys love playing at the interactive park area there.

    Another area I recently discovered is Purgatory Creek in Eden Prairie. I wrote about it here.


    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here. I just love Southern California so I understand why it was tough to leave! Shoot me a note if you ever want any tips or info about the area!


  3. We are in the same boat as you guys. We just left Seattle for MSP and are living with in-laws until we find a place (very tight rental market here – something we were not expecting!). Sad to leave but necessary for my career, and we are very open to going back in a year especially if the winter and summer are at all extreme (relatively!). Good luck on the transition!

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  5. Christina said:

    Lifetime Minnesota resident here. Remember to keep an emergency snowstorm kit in your car! It should include: flashlight, heating packs, first aid kit, shovel, window scraper, blankets, and flares. There is probably more I’m missing, but I’m sure other people will add to the list.

    Also, if you haven’t been yet, go to Minnehaha Falls. It’s gorgeous. The State Fair is also coming up on Thursday!

    • Good to know. Thanks

      • I’m from MN too, in the northwest suburbs 🙂 You can get all of the stuff she mentioned about the snow at an auto parts store–Well, everything except a good blanket. Another good thing to have in MN is a tornado emergency plan. We don’t get hardly any in the metro area, but there have been close-calls and warnings a-plenty, so it’ll be good for you to have a plan for yourself and your kids for when the sirens go off. They test them on the first wednesday of each new month, so you’ll have a chance to practice coming up in a week or two.

        I hope you keep writing 🙂 I’ve just subscribed.

  6. I was an exchange student in minnesota several years ago (from Peru), my first winter with snow and frozen lakes… it was amazing and fun! when i wasn’t falling on the ice or shoveling… Anyway, the season change in MN is amazing, in one of my favorite places in the US 🙂 I’ll be following 😉

  7. Welcome to Minnesota! I happen to live in Wisconsin now but will always be a Minnesotan, plus I still work in Minnesota. Duluth and the north shore of Lake Superior are a nice drive and a great place to see some beautiful sights and meet great people. Fall is coming up and the colors are gorgeous if you need a weekend getaway.

  8. thefrenchchick said:

    I’m another lifetime Minnesotan, just outside the twin cities metro area. There is plenty to see and do here, which I’m sure can be said for most places. Enjoy your time exploring MN. You’re welcome to message me for ideas if you like. The science museum http://www.smm.org and children’s museum (for young kids) http://www.mcm.org are worth checking out.

  9. minnesotatransplant said:

    I just love Freshly Pressed when it introduces me to a blog like yours. I’m a native Minnesotan who moved AWAY from the state and now I live in Illinois. I miss Minnesota … sometimes. Some Californians can be weenies about Minnesota, so I will be interested in your “transplant” perspective.

  10. hope you can get back to your home soon…!

  11. Good luck with getting settled in. I hope you have prepared for the cold! Although the winter can be brutal, our seasons are second to none. You will all love it! I grew up in Northern California but all of my family is from Northern MN which is why I am back here now. Happy unpacking 😉

  12. OK…. really Jen?!?!!?? A snow emergency kit AND a tornado kit???? Oh my!!! Where have you gone? (Is that one thought you had??) We miss you so much! Hope all is well… Your Cali. friends are keeping up on all of the latest and greatest and are looking forward to more great “stuff” from you! Love Ya Bunches! Melissa E.

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