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Where to start?  This has been a crazy year for our family.  I am going to try to get everyone caught up as quickly as possible. Hang in there, the surprise is at the end.

June 2012

  • Moved from Chaska, MN to Victoria, MN.  – It wasn’t a cross-country move, but it was a move just the same.
  • Basement of new rental flooded.

July 2012

  • Visited California for fun!
  • Not so fun visit to California. – My mom unexpectedly passed away just a few weeks after we returned from our visit. So we returned to California, helped plan a memorial service, and had an emergency 6th birthday party for Maya.

September 2012

  • I volunteered to be Maya’s Daisy leader again.

October 2012

  • I turned 35!

November 2012

  • Visited California to family for Thanksgiving.  We also visited my Grandma in her new Elder Care Facility.

February 2013

  • Hosted a sleepover for fourteen 6 & 7-year-old Daisy’s in our basement.

March 2013

  • Sad visit to California – My Grandma passed away after suffering from dementia/Alzheimer’s for many years.

April 2013

  • I wrote a children’s story that I am trying to figure out how to get published.

May 2013

  • Home finding trip to Arkansas.  Yes, that’s right, I said Arkansas.

June 2013

  • I sold my first bag on ETSY.
  • We moved to Arkansas for Andrew’s job! Did I forget to mention that?  It must have slipped my mind with everything else going on!

Well, that seems to be everything.  Now that everyone is on the same page.  I guess I should get back to posting regularly.

We are looking forward to new adventures here in Arkansas.    Stay tuned, I will get some pictures up as soon as possible.