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This year I am leading Maya’s Daisy troop. Girl Scouts is an amazing organization for girls of all ages.  Today kicked off the much awaited cookie season.  Having been a leader and a scout in the past, I knew better than to volunteer to be the Cookie Chairperson.  Thankfully, we have two Supermoms in the troop that have taken on this task.  One of which, until last weekend had 1,600 boxes of cookies sitting in tall stacks in her Living Room.

Anyway, the goal for each girl in our troop is to sell 70 boxes of cookies.  In the past, we have always taken preorders and delivered them when they arrived.  This year however, we were given the cookies ahead of time so that we could hand them to people instead of making two trips.  This seemed like a really good plan.  That is, unless you live in the Arctic Tundra and have to pull said cookies around your neighborhood in a little red wagon with snow and ice on the ground and snow still falling.  Did I mention that we were also practicing counting change and trying to keep Ethan from doing the penguin slide down every icy driveway? He seems to think it is hysterical! Oh yeah, and the high temp today was right around 10 degrees. Thankfully, no wind.

Maya, Ethan, and I started out on our street.  We made a loop around the cul-de-sac behind our house and then came home to warm up for a bit.  Andrew made us some hot chocolate and helped us get warm.  When we had totally defrosted, we ditched Ethan (the penguin slider) and Maya and I headed back out.  It was actually peaceful. There were very light sparkly snowflakes starting to fall and our neighborhood is generally pretty quiet.

All the drama aside, it really wasn’t so bad.  We made good use of our snow gear and it felt good to get out of the house and take a walk for a change.  Being from the warmer corner of the country, we have not yet bought into the typical winter sports and the love of all things frozen and cold. Maya,

Overall, I think we sold about 35 boxes of cookies today and Maya had fun with Mom,  which is always a bonus.  In addition, we got a tiny bit of much-needed exercise and she sold enough cookies to earn her patch. We all know that’s really all that matters.