Darth Vader Page copy

Star Wars Alphabet Pages

It is no secret that capturing the attention of a 4-year old is not an easy task.  Ethan is no exception to this rule.  As we get closer to thinking about Kindergarten, I am looking at skills that we can buff up at home that will make life easier once he is ready for school.  I decided that we would start with printing and letter sounds.  He can identify all of his letters and knows most of the sounds. We have been working out of the Kumon Maze and Tracing book for months now.  He has pretty good pencil control.  So I set out on a mission to find some alphabet tracing and practice pages that would be interesting to him.  I didn’t find anything that struck my fancy, so I changed gears.  Ethan would not be who he is today with out Star Wars and Super Heros.  Thinking about these guys takes up a large portion of his day.  He is often heard comparing the speed of things to Flash and the strength of others to Iron Man.  I searched the internet for some fonts that I could use to make my own writing sheets for him to practice on. I came up with a great dotted letter font that includes the lines. I found pictures for every letter of the alphabet based on Star Wars.  I did cheat a little bit.  When I got to “U” all I could find were Star Wars Underpants thanks to Hanes.  “Z” was also a stumper.  I opted for a mix of aircraft “zooming into battle.”  I know it’s a stretch, but I finished.