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M & M

The Maya Story

I am finally getting back in the game.  After taking half a school year off, I accepted my first Reserve Teacher position today.  For those that are unfamiliar with this politically nonsensical term it means “Substitute Teacher.”  I have been working on renewing my teaching license and this job was perfect because it was at Maya’s school.  I got everyone where they needed to go this morning. This was a challenge because Andrew left the house far before the rest of us even woke up and would be out of reach until after dinner. This becomes more important later.  Maya and I arrived at her school at 7:30, right on time. We read the sub plans together.  She was about 25 min. early so she had to hang out with Mom, what a drag for her. Around 7:55 she gave me a hug and kiss then headed toward class.  I put on my brave face and prepared to face thirty Fifth Graders. As they arrived, we scoped each other out carefully and settled in.  I dutifully took attendance and lunch count prior to the daily announcements.  This particular class has specials first thing in the morning.  I dropped the class off at P.E. and headed back to class to do a quick crash course in animal kingdoms and reducing expressions.  If you are not sure what those two things are, then you probably have not been in fifth grade in a while.  At 8:30 Mrs. Mary, the school nurse, appeared in my door way with a devious grin on face.  I immediately knew what she was there for. I greeted her warmly despite the news that I knew was coming.  She giggled a little bit and then proceeded, “I have Maya in the office throwing up.” Aghhhhh We both laughed.  Thankfully I have a good repore with the staff at Maya’s school.  I have spent time there volunteering with the PTO and in the classroom.  Maya turned out to be ok, probably just a stomach bug.  After about thirty minutes of frantic phone class and much staff shuffling, the office staff managed to find someone else to cover for me.  That is a good group of people.

What is an M & M Sucking Contest?

After resting for much of the day, Maya and I headed out to pick Ethan up from preschool. When we arrive at his school Maya notice that there were tables and chairs set up for some type of banquet in the gym.  Why do my kids always ask questions that I can’t possibly know the answer to.  Maya started right away; What are all the tables and chairs for? Who set them up? Can we go see what they are doing? Do you think it is a party? I just held her hand and walked a little faster than normal.  We collected Ethan and all of his snow gear from his classroom and headed back out to the car.  As we walked entered the main hallway again, it was Ethan’s turn to play twenty questions about the chairs.  Only now, there was a sign-in table set up as well.

Ethan: Mom, what is this? (pointing at the table)

Mom: I’m not sure. It looks like some type of event for lots of people.

Ethan: Oh yeah, it’s an M & M sucking contest.

In my head, Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Mom: (in a very serious voice) What exactly is an M & M eating contest?

Ethan: You see how many M & M’s you can suck on.

Maya: No Ethan! It is where you see how many M & M’s you can put in your mouth and then suck on them.

Ethan: (Pissed off voice) That’s what I said Maya!

Again, In my head, Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Seriously, Where do I sign up for this glorious event and how did I not know events like this existed?

These are the Mommy moments that I live for, throw up and all.