Grandma Claire


Your memories have faded into a gray and lonely haze.

Your once familiar surroundings now baffle and amaze.

Your brilliant eyes still glitter at the sight of a known face.

The thoughts rush in, you beg, “Please take me from this place. “

Yet your eyes turn steely gray when fear and shame creep in.

Please let these people help you, it’s an illness not at sin.

Your flitting moments of clarity make you resentful of the care.

You provided it to all of us; please accept it while it’s there.

You’re still the strong woman that we have always known.

You must find a way to grasp the faith that you have always shown.

Please trust that loved you’ll always be.

And the real you we shall always see.

Don’t worry Gram, I know that man to whom you’ve prayed for years

He waits patiently among the clouds and is here calm your fears.

And when your time is done with these, it’s family that’s gone before he sees,

May God reconnect your memories.

Jennifer Davis 11/2012