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These are not mine! They were posted online by justloveleighh.

So my last post got me thinking about the good supports that I have in my life.  Naturally I thought of my family, my husband’s in particular.  Strangely enough, it also made me think of bras. This is what I had in my head before I went to bed last night, and what was swimming in my foggy brain when I woke up this morning. Should I feel bad that some people are using their brains to ponder the health and welfare of entire nations, and I am pondering the similarities between husbands and bras? Nah! I guess I just won’t be president.


  •  Good husbands and good bras both provide support that is essential, often goes unseen.
  • Both can make you feel sexy.
  • Both will rub you the wrong way on occasion.
  • Both can do push-ups.
  • The right husband and the right bra both make a good accessory.
  • Both should be tried on for size before they are brought home.
  • The older they get the more they droop. Wait that’s me, totally different topic!
  • The possible style options are endless.
  • Choosing the right one can be fun, yet stressful.
  • Bras and husbands, not something you typically share with a girlfriend.
  • Some women always pick the wrong one.


  • No matter how mad you get at your husband, it’s not a good idea to throw him across the room, or in the trash.
  • A good bra requires little maintenance and does not talk back.
  • A good husband still fits even if you put on a few pounds.
  • Retailers say 70%-80% of women have the wrong bra, yet according to research, only 50% of women have the wrong husband.
  • Owning a variety of luxurious bras feels good, owning a variety of luxurious husbands may feel good, but as far as I know is illegal.
  • When bras become flexible and adjust to your body, you replace it.  When husbands are flexible and adjust to you, you love them more and thank them for understanding.