The Percussionist’s Wife is an engaging, authentic, and real life look at the life and death of a marriage.  This regretfully true story is retold with stunning honesty and bravery.  Monica Lee openly shares with her readers her personal journey through love, marriage, infidelity (both her own and that of her ex-husband), religion, and some very public legal issues. Having recently moved to Minnesota, I found the details Monica provided, essential to establishing the backdrop of this story in my mind.  One of the things that I really appreciated about this book is the fairness, though unwarranted, that Monica shows for her ex-husband.  I think that her brutal honesty about her insecurities and infidelities throughout her marriage give her creditability and help the reader to make a connection with her.  This story definitely kept me reading. I was continually torn between being Monica’s cheerleader and wanting to grab her by the shoulders and shake her until she could see the reality of the situation that she was in.

Congratulations to Monica for following her passion.  I guess she owes Steven a “Thank You” note.  Despite his careless and hurtful choices, he provided Monica with a story to tell.  And tell it she does.  Monica’s writing is inspiring for anyone that has a story to tell.  Good for her.