We were sitting at dinner tonight at a quaint little place called the 318 Cafe when Ethan, as usual, made me laugh so hard I had tears. As many people already know, I am not good at holding it in, even when I should be. Early into the meal, Ethan secretly revealed to Andrew using his best whisper, that he thought the waitress was pretty. Of course when a three year old whispers, it can be heard from just about anywhere. Never the less, I have a theory about my little man and pretty girls. I am pretty sure he likes brunettes, as soon as he notices a pretty brunette, he becomes a mute and can no longer figure out how to make eye contact. After some dad coaching, Ethan did manage to get the waitresses attention and compliment her on the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

As we finished up our meal, Ethan had become very quiet and still in his chair. He was obviously tired and appeared to be contemplating the woes of the world. All of a sudden he perked up and his thoughts were revealed for all in the cafe to hear, “Do pigs fart?” That was it for me. I couldn’t control my laughter. In the very next breath, he wanted to know if the “Katars” [guitars] on the wall were real. That of course made the tears start to roll. The best part is, he asks these questions with a straight face and all of the innocence that goes along with being three years old. It is in times like this that I remember how young he is.

It did not stop there. Upon returning home, we asked both kids to go to their rooms and get changed into their pajamas. They headed up the stairs and into their rooms to carry out the assignment. After a little bit of bumping and thumping from the upstairs, Ethan’s voice again rang out nice and clear, “Maya, are you playing naked soccer?” No laughing, no second thought, just an honest question that required an answer. Andrew and I sat on the couch downstairs and laughed. Is “Naked Soccer” really a game? How do you pick teams for that? What exactly are the rules?

Ethan is starting to grow out of the stage where he asks or says exactly what he is thinking. thinking about that makes me sad.  However, he assures me that even though he will be four years old in a few weeks, he will always be my “sweet lovey boy.”