One of my favorite things about being here in Minnesota is the summer rain. The rain drops are the biggest and splashiest (I’m sure that’s a word!) raindrops that I have ever seen. The forecast for today called for isolated thunder storms. The accuracy of The Weather Channel can sometimes leave something to be desired. I often get my hopes up, only to be disappointed by the quick change in the weather patterns. Today however they were right on. The rain came later in the day than expected, but I’ll take it. Before the rain started the kids and I had ventured out to grab some last minute emergency dinner items, whole wheat tortillas to be exact. We could hear the thunder starting to roll in when we left the house.  When we reached the market, the first few drops of rain began to fall out of the dark clouds overhead. The kids and I took a moment to dance like dorks between the giant rain drops.  After about a minute it had started to rain so hard that we had to head inside or start swimming. It’s a beautiful thing, making memories with my babies.  The couple that had parked their bikes outside the market just stood in the deluge, bags and bikes in hand laughing. The kids and I found our fare and headed out. We all  giggled uncontrollably as we made our mad dash across the parking lot back to the car.

When we have storms like we did today, I always feel compelled to sit and watch the rain out of the biggest window I can find. Native Minnesotans, however are pretty funny about the rain. They seem completely unphased by the thunder, lightning, and rain. I have even seen folks carrying umbrellas in lightning storms. The golf courses are paying attention though. If there is lightening within eight miles, they pull the golfers off of the course until it passes. For example, there is major construction going on on the main road through town. This whole storm only lasted about 25 minutes, but the poor crew working on the street never even took a break. The steam rollers kept rolling and the dump truck kept right on dumping. People here just keep on going with whatever they happen to be doing.

 I hope I never get so used to the rain that I stop being impressed by it!