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Moving is difficult on everyone, especially little ones.  Maya and Ethan are not exceptions to this rule. Since we are mostly moved into the new place and the basement is almost dry, I decided that it would be a good time to take a break, and let the kids get some energy out. Goodness knows they have enough of it.  Anyway, I needed to go to the Post Office and the local one is only a mile from our house.  I decided that a bike ride to the Post Office would be the perfect outing for the day. Sometimes I forget that both kids are still small and that I don’t work out! We hopped into the car and drove our route to make sure that there were sidewalks the entire length of the trip, and that I had not bitten off more than the kids and I could chew.  I do that sometimes.  After approving the course we returned home and geared up. Maya’s pink princess bike still has the original packaging in the spokes and clean stark white tires. Until this bike ride it only had, maybe 50 yards on it. Haha! You must understand that although she has owned a bike since she was old enough to reach the pedals, she just learned how to ride fluidly with the training wheels this week. Nevertheless, she quickly found her pink Barbie helmet and strapped it on. Ethan on the other hand is hell on wheels. He got his bike two Christmases ago and despite not riding in almost a year, still rides fast enough that I have to jog to keep up. He does scooties with his kick back breaks and has been known to jump off of the bike, into the grass, after taking a turn to fast. Ethan just got a new helmet to accommodate his growing nugget. It has Transformers on it.  That makes it the most awesome thing in the entire garage. He wears it all the time. However, on this particular day it was nowhere to be found. In a panic and almost derailed by this unfortunate event we eventually found Andrew’s helmet.  I was able to tighten it down enough that it stayed on. It was not pretty, but it was on.  At last we were off. The sky was blue and the weather was amazing.  We headed down the cul-da-sac and out to the main road. Victoria has nicely paved sidewalks and bike trails that criss-cross the entire city.  Ethan took off like a shot and Maya trailed behind. She eventually caught up and got the hang of it. We talked about all the safety rules as we went. Both kids decided that they did not want to ride their bikes down the hill.  That was probably a good thing.  It is not too steep, but I don’t know that my nerves could have handled that.  I was already nervous about crossing major streets and the ability of the kids to ride back up the hill. To my surprise, both kids did great on the trip.  As a bonus, on our way home a Carver County Sheriff stopped us and presented both kids with Dairy Queen ice cream certificates for being caught wearing their helmets. Apparently in Minnesota, helmets are optional! What a great way to end a bike ride.