Ethan, Maya, and I were recently watching a family of bunnies from the bedroom window.  They had been running back and forth after each other in what appeared to be a game of bunny tag.  I thought that one of these bunnies may have been the Easter Bunny.  Maya was quick to clear up my confusion.  Apparently none of them could have possibly been the Easter Bunny, he is white and these bunnies were brown with white tails. Silly me!

However, it was the conversation that I had with Ethan that reminded me of just how young and innocent he is.

Me: Ethan, you have to be very quiet.

Ethan: Why?

Me: So you don’t scare the bunnies away.

Ethan: Are they afraid of us?

Me: Yes.  When they hold very still like that, they think we can’t see them.

Ethan: I can still see them.

Mom: We can still see them, but they don’t know that.

Ethan: Why don’t they want us to see them?

Me: Some people hurt the bunnies.

Ethan: Oh no mom, not me. I am very nice.