So much has been going on that I hardly know where to start.  Apparently my brain while teaching is similar to the brain on drugs scenario, scrambled.  I hope you can follow my craziness.

Work has been going well over all.  I do miss being home and I feel like I am a brand new teacher all over again, learning the ropes  and expectations of a new school, the curriculum of a new grade, and the standards of a new state.   All the while,  Andrew is holding everything  together at home with the love and patience of a true friend and partner.  He has picked up the slack (cooking, cleaning, and taxi service) ever since I started shadowing the teacher I replaced, back in January.  I will say that it has been refreshing to see a school that is so deeply involved with philanthropy.  They do one fundraiser each year that supports two major school events.  Other than that, they fundraise for charity. Since I started in January, the school has participated in two major fundraising events.  The first, United Against Hunger, is a program that packages meals for starving families in third world countries.  They come into the school set-up stations and the kids measure, weigh, seal, and pack the meals.  Each package feeds a family of 6 for 1 day.  This year the kids filled nearly 2500 bags and raised some ridiculous amount of money.  The second philanthropy they support is The Lymphoma and Leukemia Society.  The school historically collects about $10,000/year in a fundraising effort spearheaded by the Student Council.  They have been receiving awards for their efforts for years.  So far, our class has collected $350.00.

The kids are both enrolled in activities and realize that I am not home  as much, but seem relatively unphased.  Maya continues to impress us everyday with her sense of humor and her love of life.  That, combined with her fiery personality, makes everyday an adventure.  Ethan brings home fun new facts from school all the time.  Most recently, he told me that Jesus didn’t take [Ehtan’s] his sins away.  After I had asked him three or maybe four times, why anyone would want to take his shins away, I finally realized what he was saying.  When I asked why he still had his sins, he said that he punched somebody, so he still had his sins.  It may be time to reconsider the Lutheran School situation.  Although, he said that he likes Jesus on the cross too, maybe he is just really confused.    We will have to do some soul-searching on this one.

You can visit the The Lymphoma and Leukemia Society to donate at the attached link.  Make sure you put in Oak Point Intermediate as the school and Dolan/Davis as the teacher.  That way our class gets the credit for the donation.