So, each day I spend with my children, I have eye-opening moments that make me feel like I am not such a great parent.  I know that these moments do not define me as a parent, and in reality I think both Andrew and I are both doing pretty well.  These are more like the moments that you have to keep with you forever because they are so dang funny.

This is the first year that we are away from family, and on our own to celebrate the holiday.  Thankfully, we have made some very good friends in the short time that we have been here.  We were invited to spend Christmas Eve with Florida Jen and her family.  Andrew, Ethan, and I, got cleaned up and ready to go.  Maya being the five-year old fashionista that she is, she decided to wear last year’s Christmas dress. This year’s dress was not fancy enough.  I did her hair and off we went.  I do have to say, that she looked beautiful.  Anyway, I must stay focused.  We arrived at our intended destination and we were received with a warm welcome.  Maya, Ethan, and the youngest member of the Florida crew (also in her fancy Christmas dress) played as the grown-ups sat around the table talking, laughing, and munching goodies.  As the girls headed up the super steep “stairs of death” from the basement,  I heard Maya’s little voice above the grown-up conversation:

Maya: Oh s*#&, I stepped on my dress.

Me: (In my quietest laughing voice) Andy, Andy, did Maya just say, “Oh S*&#, I stepped on my dress.”

Andrew: (trying not to laugh) No!

Me: (laughing so hard I am almost in tears) I think she did, ask her.

Andrew: Maya, what did you say?

Maya: (proudly, with not a care in the world) “Oh S*&#, I stepped on my dress.”

Me: (Unable to speak due to uncontrollable laughter, I just pulled her aside.  That was the bad parenting moment.)

Andrew: Jen, don’t laugh.

Me: (Still unable to speak, I handed Maya to Andrew to have the necessary heart to heart.)

Andrew is an awesome pinch hitter in moments like this.  He spoke to Maya with all the love, warmth, grace, and firmness that was warranted in this situation.

This was an isolated incident of potty mouth for Maya, aside from the recurring “poop” and “pee pee” jokes which have become daily topics of comedy around our house these days.  Aside from making my mascara run, Maya and her dress proved to be a comical note to be referenced throughout the remainder of the evening.

I am sure this will come up again in future Christmases. Hopefully, I will remember this little tid bit when Maya is grown and I can share it with her.