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Friday night I hosted my first ever Holiday Cookie Exchange and Bunco Party.  This naturally means that I spent most of the day Friday, feverishly cleaning and sweating profusely, trying to make sure that the house was clean and that everything looked good.  Poor Ethan, my little guy watched more television on Friday than he has in the past month.  He didn’t really mind though.  At one point he wanted to play outside, but it wasn’t warm enough (only about 25 degrees) for him to take an outside play break.  Thankfully, I knew that Andrew was taking the kids out for a Daddy Date during the party. He’s my hero!  Apparently, they went to see Happy Feet 2.  FYI – Andrew gave it poor reviews and the kids had a difficult time sitting still for the whole movie.

The party went great.  I put out more food than we could have possibly eaten and the house decorations finally came together nicely.  Of course the front lights didn’t work.  I guess we had a bad extension cord.  It made a big spark when I plugged it in.  After that I was too scared to mess with it.  Anyway, I spent a kid free evening with some new girlfriends, missing my California girlfriends and family of course. We shared stories about our kids, ate yummy food, and laughed it up until about 11:45.  We didn’t end up with enough people to actually play Bunco, but we still played pas the gifts.  I guess it is not uncommon to ot actually play Bunco at a Bunco party.  Several of the girls said that they had attended Bunco parties in the past, but had never actually played Bunco. 

I hope this party will be a new tradition.  I collected some great cookie recipes including one for ginger/molasses cookies dipped in almond bark and another for white chocolate raspberry bars.  There were some more traditional cookie recipes like sugar and spritz cookies.  I have not had Spritz cookies in a million years.  Andrew’s favorite cookies were the bacon and egg cookies.  They are made by laying two pretzel sticks side-by-side and placing a drip of white chocolate in the middle, to hold them together. Add a yellow M & M on  the top to make the yolk and there you have it.  Super cute, super simple, and really yummy.  I made peanut butter cup cookies.  I used a basic peanut butter cookie recipe and added one bag of cut up Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  I scooped the dough into mini muffin tins using a tablespoon measuring spoon.  I think I have eaten about a dozen of them by myself since Thursday. 

Thanks girls for the good time! I hope you are enjoying your cookies.