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So we have been here since August. Despite the slower speed limits and well maintained roads, te drivers here are not so great.  This may be partly because I am used to driving between 75-85 mph.  I find it funny that they post a minimum speed limit as well. Anyway, as I observe the drivers here, I have identified My favorite poor driving technique.  I lovingly refer to it as the “Drive Through.” I have seen it in California, but not nearly as frequently.  This is the act of pulling into a parking space and continuing through the other side or simply pulling out of a parking spot in the wrong direction so as not to have to back out.  This is particularly scary because you can’t see the cars when you are pulling into the parking space, and it always seems that the other car is speeding into the space or out of the space.

That being said, this past Friday we got our second significant snow.  Andrew and I have been trying to figure out the ins and outs of driving in the white stuff.  This particular evening we had an XBOX (video game) emergency, so we decided that we needed to drive to Costco.  We dressed the kids like mini snowmen and off we all went in the snow, priorities, I know.  There was already a fair amount of snow on the ground and it was still falling.  We got as far as the end of our street.  We stopped well behind the line, and we were discussing the turn that must me made to get onto our street from the main drag.  Just as we were deciding the safest options for making the turn and where to stop, an suv made the turn (apparently moving too quickly) and slid into the driver’s side door of the car. He was probably only moving about 10 miles per hour.  The other suv slid and sort of bounced off of Andrews door, pushing us around a bit.  Our cars ended up side-by-side.  Everyone is fine and nobody seems to be injured.  It all seemed to happen in slow motion.  Andrew was driving and Ethan was sitting behind him.  Luckily, Andrew’s door took the brunt of the impact.  It pushed his door in a bit and scratched up the paint, that’s about it.  Andrew and the other driver exchanged information.  For as bad as we thought Minnesota drivers were, ironically it turns out that the other driver is also from sunny Southern California, Orange County in particular.  The other driver had been relocated to Minnesota in August of this year (just like us).    I guess it is a small world.