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November nineteenth marked the first day of our adventure with snow.  Andrew and the kids were shopping at the Mall of America and I was sitting in a salon getting my hair done.  By the time I was done getting my hair done, the car was completely covered and the snow plows were rolling.  The ladies in the salon gave me all the details about the snow and how to avoid getting salt on my clothing.  When I was done with my scary haircut and color (it was bluish green for a few minutes, I managed not to cry) I made my way to car. 

Andrew and the kids arrived home shortly after I did.  Ethan was sooo excited.  After the uneventful snow flurries that we had a few weeks ago, he was ready to break out the sleds.  We got everyone bundled up in their warm, parkas, and gloves, and we headed out.  We crossed the street and joined the neighbor boys in their backyard.  They have a better hill for sledding and they offered to show us the ropes. 

Maya and Ethan took off like pros.  You would think that the thought of hurling yourself down a hill, no matter the size, would cause at least a moment of pause, such is not the case.  We have several sleds now.  Two we found in the rafters at the house, including a cheap little orange disk sled.  The best sled we have, I scored at a yard sale for five dollars.  Did I mention that it is the best sled? It’s a two-seater and it’s the kind where you sit up nice and high.  It was definitely a favorite with the kids.  I totally love yard sales.  I think Ethan liked the little orange disk sled the best.  He was hilarious.  His little body fit completely inside of the disk. Andrew started the kids out at the top of the hill with a little push.  The hill is about fifty feet long with a small bump at the base.  Once you clear the base, you are into someone else’s yard.  Ethan probably had the longest ride.  He made it down the hill, up and over the bump at the bottom of the hill, and all the way to the neighbor’s back door.  He smiled and laughed all the way down.  He also carried his sled back to the top of the hill each time.  He’s a trooper.  Maya loved sledding too.  She however, is more of a screamer.  She screamed from the top of the hill to the bottom every time.  I guess when the screaming stops you know when the ride is over.

After we were done sledding, we tried throwing snowballs.  Maya is great at both making and throwing snowballs.  She has good aim too.  Ethan has tiny little hands and it’s harder for him to make snowballs with his mittens on.  He held his own though. We also enjoyed watching the big Public Works truck come by and salt/sand the roads.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, Andrew shoveled the driveway and Maya tried to build a snowman.  We finished our adventure with some hot chocolate.  We finished our day with a homemade  lasagna dinner with friends, I cooked. it was really yummy. Good job me!

We only got about three inches of snow all together, and it only stayed for a short time, but is sure was beautiful.   That is my naïve California side talking.

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