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Every family deals with some behavior issues.   Not mine, of course.  I mean I have two wonderfully perfect children.  Just kidding!  I know they have their own behavior issues sometimes.  We are currently working on following directions the first time that I give them.  I am aware of the issues and we are working on them.  I know that the first thing that has to change is my consistency with discipline.  I guess that means I have some behavior of my own to work on as well.  My most recent challenge with being consistent is “How do I maintain consistent discipline when other people’s children are added to the mix?”   Play dates and group outings bring a whole different challenge to being consistent. 

 Should other people’s children be held to the same expectations as my own (inside or outside of my home)?  How do I enforce house rules without overstepping or usurping the authority of the other child’s parent?  How do I explain to my own children, why someone else’s kids are allowed to get away with certain behaviors?   

I guess it is important when considering how to answer these questions, to first consider the impact the behaviors are having on my own children.  So far, when my kids ask about the behavior of other children,  my best response has been, “I am not their mommy.” Probably not the best response, but the best I can come up with.