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Prior generations of moms followed the likes of June Cleaver, Laura Petrie, Marion Cunningham, and Carol Brady.  Although, I am not really old enough to remember any of the shows these women come from, I am old enough to know that my house does not look, nor run like those of any of the forementioned pictures of motherly perfection.  I thought that once I started living the life of a stay-at-home mom, my house would magically be clean, laundry would be done (and put away), and that beautiful dinners would lay themselves out on my precision decorated dining room table.  For goodness sake, even Debra Barone (Everybody Loves Ramond), Maggie Malone (Growing Pains), and Jill Taylor (Home Improvement) had immaculate homes, well fed families, and no signs of laundry, clean or dirty. 

The reality in my house is, that we are always just a couple of hours away from being totally cleaned up, and there is usually a basket of clean clothes somewhere in the house that needs to be folded an actually put away (that’s the hardest part).   I need a system or something. Maybe that way, I can get everything done and still have time to sleep or blog. Hehehe

Joking aside, I love being home with my family and trying to live up to the likes of June Cleaver and Martha Stewart. I am not entirely sure that Martha is the best role model, but who cares. That crazy, wealthy, %&#$ has as much money as God, and she’s a crafting cooking superstar.

This Halloween I sewed costumes for the entire family only two of which ended up being road worthy. Lucky for me, they were the two important ones.  Maya was a beautiful pink kitty and Ethan, Batman.  Andy and I were supposed to be a Jedi and Princess Leia.  I made a beautiful, white, hooded cape for me and a brown robe for Andrew.  The Jedi costume did not turn out so well.  I made it out of stretch crushed velvet looking material (on sale at Joann’s for $2.99/YD).  This was probably the beginning of the end for this costume.  Andrew, Ethan, and I volunteered to help in Maya’s class for her party in the morning on Halloween, so I started sewing his costume at about 11:00am, after the party.  After several hours, many swear words, some seam ripping, and a vow to never sew again, I ended up with a wearable something that somewhat resembled something that you would have found on the Vegas Strip in the 70’s or 80’s.  We could have made it work, but Andy said absolutely not.  I don’t blame him.  So instead we attended a local party as two sexy secret agents posing as suburban parents.  We were a smashing hit.  The kids looked good too. 

A special thanks to my California girlfriends Laura, Joanna, and Susanna whom have helped me to channel my inner Mexican.  Ironic enough, that is probably one of a few regions of the worlds where I can’t actually trace anyone from my family history.  Minnesota is amazingly beautiful and I have never been anywhere that is so focused on families.  However, my one big complaint (winter has not hit yet) is that there is no sign of palatable Mexican food anywhere.  For my birthday, we drove into St. Paul to a little restaurant that several people had recommended.  The food was pretty good but nothing like you can get in California.  Thanks to three of my favorite girl friends, I have been making homemade salsa, Mexican rice, enchiladas, shredded beef for tacos, and yummy taquitos.

Although, they will probably not be featuring me in Better Homes and Gardens or Martha Stewart (haha) anytime soon, I am having fun hanging out with my family, and working out the kinks of being a stay-at-home mom.