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Three year olds are amazing!

Who would have thought that a three-year old would find God, kind of?  I guess I should explain.  Ethan and I recently took a day trip to the Mall of America. We had some time to kill before anything opened, and we had already eaten our pretzels.  As we meandered down the row of closed store fonts, Ethan stopped and pointed to a very large statue.  excitedly, he announced,  “Mom, there’s God!” Being  very surprised, I asked, “Where?”.  “There”, he said pointing, “he’s old.”  I assumed he was pointing to one of the older gentlemen passing by.  I tried to quiet him quickly, so as not to have to apologize to strangers, as Mommys often do. He pointed again.  To my surprise, and relief, he was pointing to a statue of a 10 foot tall wooden lumberjack, flannel shirt, tobacco pipe and all.  I couldn’t stop my self from laughing aloud.

Although we don’t do much with religion at home, Ethan seems to take a great pleasure in learning the bible stories in his preschool classes.  That was one of the deciding factors in picking a school for him.  He does not fully understand the God and Jesus live in your heart idea.  He gets frustrated, sometimes angry even,  that he cannot see the real God or Jesus. 

Each time I think he can’t get any cuter, he proves me wrong.