Ok.  I am trying to be a more aware and responsible shopper.  I have been starting my shopping at Target and finishing with double coupons at Rainbow Foods.   The past few weeks I have had issues at Target.  They claim to have a price match guarantee.  This is not exactly the case.  Apparently, they (the Chaska Super Target) don’t price check at the checkout counter.  You have to pay the full price and then go to the Customer Service desk and get a refund.    What a crock!  So they get you into the store and then they hope you are too busy or forgetful to go to customer service.  Anyway,  I took my sorry little bunches of asparagus to customer service and requested that they match the price in the ad,  as their policy claims.  The customer service rep then informed me that they do not price match on dairy, eggs, veggies, and some other stuff.  She was not clear about exactly what that “other” things are.  I asked why the cashier did not tell me that when I first asked he about it.  The customer service rep claimed that the cashiers are not required to know the return policy. Huh!  I was (still am) angry.  I asked the customer service lady if Target had a printed policy so that I could be more informed next time I shop. She was very abrupt and claimed that there is not a printed version of the policy.  

Conclusion: This Target has an issue.  The employees are uniformed. This is not the first issue we have had.

As for Target as a whole, it is one thing to not accept competitor coupons.  That’s understandable.  However, it seems that if Target wants to compete in the grocery industry they need to come to the market with better produce, better priced meat, and a coupon/price match policy that is comparable to the competition.