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The day started out very disappointing. After visiting the community center and learning that they did not have any spaces available in the morning 3’s class, Ethan and I set out to find a school that would fit our needs. 

 Ethan’s List of Requirements:  Must have action figures and a park (GO FIGURE!)

Mommy’s List of Requirements: Must be within the budget, have the right hours, be a clean and bright facility . . .

 Great news, Ethan is the newest member of St. John’s Lutheran Church School/Preschool.  He has six other kids in his class and two wonderful teachers.   Of the four schools we visited today, St. John’s had the warmest staff, brightest facility, and Ethan actually cried when we left.  He immediately felt at home playing with the space men, space ships, and the macaroni noodles we found in the big play table.  We ended our tour in the gym with the rest of his class.  The kids were practicing throwing and catching beanbags. Of course, this is right up Ethan’s alley.  Did I mention that he gets to have his own locker just like his big sister, and his is blue. Bonus!

 Although, I am having a great time at home with him, Ethan needs the company of other kids his age, and the routine of going to school.  The compromise is to let him go for two days a week, during which time I get to help out in Maya’s Kindergarten class.  She is going to be so excited.

 I love it when everyone wins!