I subscribe to the theory that if you are nice to people, most often they are nice to you in return. 

I have heard this term, “Minnesota Nice” several times now, from a variety of sources.   So far, everyone here has been very kind.  After a bit of research to understand the meaning of the term, I now have a better understanding.  In California, we would call this behavior “two-faced,” “fake,” or “passive aggressive.” It is basically just putting on a happy face to avoid making waves, and then talking bad about everyone involved when they are not around. I have not experienced this behavior yet, here in Minnesota.  This whole concept makes me sad.  However, I know I am guilty of this, we all do it at some point. Isn’t this similar to venting?  Sometimes a situation does not need to be made worse by arguing or unnecessary comments.

I think that I will continue to wear my special glasses, and believe that everyone here is just nicer than anywhere else.  It makes me feel like there is a chance that we can all be better people with just a bit of effort.