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How nice is it to have neighbors with kids?  It is amazing to see how brave kids become when they are with other kids.  Ethan, who cries like he is being poked with hot sticks, when we wash his hair in the bath tub, happily jumped into the shower tonight, like it was the best thing ever.  I asked him why he wanted to shower and he promptly responded, “because Maya got to.”  Maya, who sleeps with her closet light on still because she afraid of the dark, happily followed  the neighbor kids into a pitch black back yard that backs up to a forest  (I so would not have gone).  Interested her thinking, I asked her why they had gone into the backyard.  Maya’s response, “We were chasing [something I can’t even remember] out of our palace.” Apparently, she could not stand the thought of being left out, or was to caught up in the game to notice the complete lack of light.

Why you ask, was she in sch a dark backyard? Yesterday, were lucky enough to learn that we have great neighbors. They are all families with kids.  The neighbors across the street invited us to our first neighborhood bon fire (apparently, they do them frequently).  We were so excited, me probably  more than anyone else.  Once it got dark we crossed the street to our neighbors drive way.  On that side of the street, they do things in the front yard because of the mosquitos in the back.  Soon there were several kids, including my own sitting around the fire listening to the grown-ups talk about the joys and challenges of living in Minnesota.  As you can imagine, the kids were bored almost immediately.  The kids made s’mores and the grown-ups ate them.  Ethan, tired of sitting in a chair finally asked one of the other boys if he would play with him.  He agreed, and off they went.  I had promised Ethan he could play light sabers, so I ran home and grabbed them up.  In addition to light sabers, I also grabbed three purple princess dresses, three tiaras, and three magic wands.  Everyone was happy, the kids had toys and I had peace of mind.  The threat of kids mindlessly prancing around the fire with flaming marshmallows on the ends of long sticks had, for the moment, been adverted.  The kids ran and chased each other around the grass, in the dark until about 10:30, when we finally decided to call it a night.  We got some good information and started what hope to be good friendships. 

I think we will be happy here.