We are getting settled in thanks to Grandma. She spent almost an entire week with us, helping us to unpack and keeping the kids occupied. She left on Tuesday and we were sad to see her go.  Ethan cried and cried for about five minutes.    

Andy is starting to feel more at home in this rental house.  We finally got the T.V., phone, and computers set-up. This means he can work from home on occasion and relax in the evening while watching television. That is, if he can get Ethan to turn off Star Wars.

Maya started kindergarten today.  Andy, Ethan, and I walked her in and made sure she got to the right classroom and desk.  She was very excited, as she usually is when she is going to school.  I hope she is having a great day.

Ethan and I on the other hand, have a big task ahead of us. Our job while Maya is at school, is to get Ethan as smart as he can be.  I am going to do this by providing as many learning activities as possible.  We started this morning at a yard sale. We talked about money and we counted dollars.  For $12 we got three beautiful large Christmas wreaths and some brand new dish towels, mine have been beat to death.  Ethan counted the dollars. He did such a great job counting, the lady in charge gave him a special pop up book about polar bears.  From the yard sale, we went to the local Barnes and Noble to share a snack and participated in the weekly story time.  Today the reader read three books about dinosaurs.  It was great.  When we came home, we figured out how to work the crazy sprinkler and mowed the lawn.  I know that does not sound educational, but it gets better.  While mowing the grass in the backyard we almost ran over a live frog.  That is especially funny because Andy found a dead one in the front yard last week and was teasing that I would run over one when I mowed the lawn.  Anyway, he scrambled when he heard us coming and ended up on top of the mower for a second.  He jumped onto the patio and rushed for cover under the edge of the house.  Ethan was amazed by him.  The frog jumped into hiding and Ethan just would not stop looking for him. 

I have a feeling there will be no dull moments here in Minnesota!