What’s the most important thing you’re putting off? And why haven’t you done it yet? What do you need to make it happen?

Ok, so exercise is what I am putting off.  But really,  the more important thing is who decides what to name these candies.  Snickers, Dum Dum and Laffy Taffy.  I feel a bit like I am being made fun of.  Maybe I am just feeling a bit self-conscious about my weight. Either way, I think it is time to fix the problem.   No the scale is not broken, I just could not deal with the actual reading being in a photo. 

Keep in mind when reading this that I sorted through the party candy from our first MN birthday party to find the proper subjects for this photo, contacted the front desk at the hotel to find out if they even had a gym room, I drug the kids across the property, and then spent 10 minutes figuring out how to compose a picture that I would like.  Both kids loved the gym room and tried all the equipment.  I on the other hand thought it was too cold in there to do anything, took my picture, and did not even look at any of the equipment. 

The question above asks why I have not done this thing that I have put off.  I have reasons that all sound really good in my head and I am sure they are valid.  However, when I stand in front of the mirror and examine the newly formed fat roll that has formed around my middle and the dimples that have appeared on my thighs, I realize that the real reason is just plain laziness.  Exercise takes work, commitment, and sacrifice that up until this point I have not been willing to give.  I think that I may be ready.  I have no more good excuses.  I tried to convince myself that I will need this layer of fat to survive the MN winter and my hibernation.  But alas, the kids and my husband will make it difficult to sleep from November to April.   With the amazing community center at my disposal, a tight budget, and no yummy restaurants nearby I think I may have what I need to finally get off my substantial butt and start getting healthier.  I will make all the details of this journey public in case anyone wants to be in my “Fatsobutts Club.”  Hopefully, Grandma Debbie will not mind that I have reused the club name from days gone by.  Wish me luck!