Tonight was fun.  The kids and I packed a picnic lunch for the family and we all headed out the town square for some Jazz music, dinner, and free treats.  The community center in Chaska sponsored the event.  It was nice.  Andy and Ethan played kick with the soccer ball and Maya and I played Tag.  She is pretty funny when she plays.  She has learned all the little tricks from the older kids at Carden.  Since it is light here until close to 9:00, they don’t really do movies outside, but we hope to catch a community movie at the community center later this month.  It is free.  We have found a ton of free activities for families here.  I also found a great online community called Macaroni Kid followed by whatever area you are near.  It is an amazing resource for families looking for things to do. 

It was 77 degrees today and super humid.  It rained in the morning but was clear the rest of the day. 

Hotel living leaves something to be desired.  Haha.  I used to miss apartment living, but this is silly.  We are in about 800 sq. ft.  We have two bedrooms.  One bedroom is a loft and it is up a very steep set of stairs.  The wall is only as high as the head-board.  Needless to say, the kids are not allowed up the stairs for fear that one of our fearless flyers will fall.  On a brighter note, the hotel cooks breakfast everyday.  Man, the kids are going to be disappointed when return to the reality that I am not a short order cook, nor do I but out a buffet spread on a daily basis.   I did however cook dinner in the room for the first time on Thursday, chicken, smasher matatoes as Ethan calls them, and veggies.  Andy and Ethan were in heaven to have “home cooked” food.  Both are ready to permanently give up restaurant cooking.  The chicken was ok, but just the fact I made it was enough for my boys.  I could have made anything and they would have been happy.  I have to say, it was not to bad considering I have one pan, one pot, and a few random utensils.  Oh yeah, we are using an electric stove.  I have not used anything other than gas since I moved out of my grandma’s house.

Andy reminded me today to take a look around and remember that as of right now, moving was the right thing to do.  He wants to make sure that I remember this when I am cursing him in the winter.