Phase 2 of our adventure has begun.  We all arrived here in Minnesota safely and happily yesterday, August 8, 2011.  The kids loved the airplane and were disappointed when we got here and did not get to go on another plane.  We are staying at a hotel until the rental house is ready.  It is kind of cool.  I left to take the kids swimming this morning in Chaska, and the housekeeper came in and made all of the beds, replaced the towels, and fixed the fridge.  Why have we never had a housekeeper before?  Hmmmm! Oh yeah she is not in the budget. 

Andy, who had previously declared, “I’m never going to drive a mini van” is smitten with the Dodge Town and Country that we have until our cars get here.  Personally, I think he just likes to play with the doors.  The sliders open and close automatically. It’s like the Bat Mobile, only different.  Although, I don’t think Batman would drive a Dodge, not reliable enough and they would always hear him coming.

The kids love the Community Center.  We went swimming inside.  You would have thought both kids and found a bottomless bowl of ice cream, they were so excited.  They both tried the caterpillar waterslide and they can both reach the bottom of the pool in the shallow end.  Ethan feels like such a big boy when he is walking all by himself in the pool.

Maya, Ethan, and I got a private tour of Chaska Elementary School.  Since we do not yet have a working address, I wanted to get the information packet so it would not get sent to Rancho Cucamonga.  Maya’s teacher is going to be Mrs. Hanson.  Maya is very excited.  She is going to have a locker like the 7th and 8th graders at Carden. 

Minnesota has giant bugs.  Our first night here we found the biggest flying bug ever.  I thought it was a dead leaf, but to my surprise it had legs and wings.  Thankfully, it’s big head has been smashed, so it was very  dead.  Then, this morning we found our second giant bug.  This one was more easily identifiable, a giant dragonfly.  I am pretty sure it had a saddle and reins.  It was the size of a medium pancake.  Again, thankfully he was dead.  He was laid out perfectly with wings spread.  He was not squished so I could not determine a cause of death.



With all of this excitement we still managed to get around the city and do some exploring.  We found the grocery store, the mall, Target, Walmart, and of course Mc Donald’s.  Maya was fairly certain that there would be no Mc Donald’s in Minnesota. 

I think we will be ok here, at least until December. Hehehehe