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Thank You Everyone! Love Maya and Ethan

What a weekend. Great party with tons of family and friends.  It was amazing to see all the kid’s friends from their schools and all the cousins come together and celebrate.  The warmth in the room was unbelievable!  No seriously, I think it was 95 degrees with one hundred percent humidity and we had rain and thunder all morning.  After the party, the family came back to Grandma and Papa’s to swim and hang out one last time before the move.  The kids had so much fun, soccer party and presents then swimming with the cousins I don’t think it gets much better.  I have never seen either of them run so much and so hard.  All of the kids were red faced and dripping with sweat by the time we ate pizza.   This morning, both of my kids were complaining of having sore legs.  Of course the highlight of my day was the cake.  It was super yummy.  The cake was basic vanilla with butter cream frosting and fresh strawberry and cream filling from the Cucamonga Cakery.  They have never let me down, always delicious and always a beautifully crafted cake.  I will post a picture of the cake when I get my camera battery charged.

Did I mention presents?  If either of my children utter the words I’m bored,” during the next twelve months,  I am sending the toys to the Salvation Army, and bringing back stick and ball games and starring contests.  They have both been so busy the past 24-hours playing with all of their new treasures that I don’t think they have eaten or argued!  I had to sneak some of the presents out of the house and into the car so that they could be shipped to Minnesota. 

The tow truck drive came today and loaded up my car and then he took it away.  A perfect photo moment to chronicle our journey.  If only I had remembered to charge the camera battery.  I should really be more prepared if I am going to try to share these moments.  Oh well.  Maybe I should focus on the more important things like my lost keys!  I had them, now I don’t.  I had panic this morning when I realized that I had no keys and the tow truck driver could appear at any moment to take my car.  I managed to find my spare, which the movers kindly handed to me as they packed up the office.  I must have put it in my expandable file in my backpack without thinking about it.  I have no memory of doing  it, but amid my panic I had a moment of clarity just long enough to check the backpack.  Now I just have to find my other set. 

Andrew, I may never get used to calling him that, flew to Minnesota this morning for a turn around business trip.  Andrew was greeted in Minnesota with rain, thunder, lightning, and eighty-five degree weather.  That sounds to me like what he just flew out of.  Hehe! His plane had to be rerouted due to the summer storm and when they finally landed, the grounded crew could not meet the plane due to the lightning in the area.  They had to sit on the tarmac and wait for clearance to deplane.   Needless to say, he is not so impressed with Minnesota.  He might get used to it. If not, we may be home sooner than we think!