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So our last day in California is August 8, 2011.  However, the official move-in date is Sept. 1, 2011.  One may ask, “How that happens?”  Simple, it’s a corporate move.  The property that we are moving into is not available until September 1st.  Our house is sold and escrow closes on July 23rd.  We will spend two and a half weeks at Grandma and Papa’s and almost four weeks in corporate temporary housing in Minnesota.  That means two bedrooms, a kitchenette, and a sofa bed.  I’m guessing that we will be spending lots of time at the community center and the local parks. 

Maya is going to science camp with some of the other incoming Kindergartners when we get to Minnesota.  She starts school starts on September 8th. She’s going to be a Chaska Elementary School Hawk.  She is very excited that she will not be the youngest or the smallest.  She said she just wants to be the same as the other kids.

Ethan is very concerned that he will not be able to find his golf ball in the snow.  With everyone talking about the cold weather, he’s convinced that there is always snow on the ground.  Hopefully, he is not disappointed for to long.