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My first post from Minnesota, yippee.  This is the first day of our first home finding visit. I am working with an agent to find a place.  I have sent about 15 places.  She has been gracious enough to call all the units to try to schedule appointments.  She sent me a nice long list of places that she had called on Monday.  Today is Thursday and we arrived here in Minnesota at about noon.  When we called the agent, she advised us that all but 4 of the units have been rented.  Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  So, Andy and I spent the day trying to contact new options to visit.  No luck!  So, at 9:45 tomorrow morning, we will visit the four options. 

Two of the units we will see tomorrow are in Chaska and may actually be good possibilities.  It is right around the corner from the school that I enrolled Maya in.  It is also around the corner from the Chaska Community Center.  We toured the center today and it is a child’s wonderland.  They have indoor swimming all year, an indoor climbing castle, indoor soccer fields and ice rinks, workout classes, basketball courts, a fully equipped weight and cardio room and a cafe.  Did I mention the two-story indoor water slide and outdoor play pool.  How cool is that?  Sorry, I lost track, I was explaining why the kids will love it.  I guess Andy and I fit into the kid category sometimes. Hahaha      Here is the link so you can see what I mean. 


Wish me luck.