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Last week Maya bravely went into the dentist office and had x-rays and a cleaning done while I sat in the next room with Ethan.  It was very impressive.  Huh, maybe she really doesn’t need me anymore!  Anyway, as anyone with more than one child knows, typically even if you can get the appointments at the same time, you somehow have to figure how to split your body into two pieces so you can be with both children.   She was very impressive.  Then they told me she was going to have to have her tooth filled.  Apparently she is blessed with deep crevasse in her upper and lower molars in the very back and one had started to turn into a cavity.  Yeah us!

Today was filling day.  Maya loves the dentist and this could have been a deal breaker.  Never fear,  I forgot that we have an awsome pediatric dentist. We go to  Children’s Dentistry in Rancho Cucamonga. When we arrived, they got us right in.  They set Maya up with Nitros Oxide that filters through an orange scented “pig nose.” I’m sure that’s not the official name, but that’s what Maya and I lovingly named it. She put on her sunglasses, focused on the movie, and the dentist went to work.  There were no shots and no tears.  Maya laughed and wiggled during the entire procedure.  Nurse Jill made her so comfortable and relaxed, that she didn’t feel a thing.  Maya got a special prize for doing such a great job.  When we stepped outside Maya said her teeth felt “funny, like something is hanging down.”  I took her back into the office expecting them to brush off her claim, after all, she’s only four.  I was impressed yet again.  Nurse Jill got the dentist and they put Maya back into the chair.  They took her very seriously and they filed and tested until they got the issue fixed.

On the way home I realized that this would be our last visit to Children’s Dentistry.  That sucks! They are great with the kids and I recommend them to anyone that is looking for a children’s dentist.