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Reality check.  Our house has sold.  We have a 10-day escrow (buyer mandated) and no established address in Minnesota. Thereby leaving us essentially homeless, at least for now.  Papa has graciously offered to let us stay at Chateau Davis for as long as we may need.

I knew we would have to move to be relocated.  That is the fundamental meaning of relocating.  However, it was not until this morning when our California Real Estate agent told us about the 10-day escrow and we met with the moving company that it really began to seem real.  I guess 13,800 lbs. of stuff to ship will have the effect.   With Ethan throwing a full-blown fit and Maya narrating the entire tantrum, we still managed to meet with the movers.  This was not the kids finest moment.  The good news is that the moving company will pack everything, store it, and ship it.  The bad news is, I still have to put it all away again when we get to wherever it is that we my land.  I think I will order a dumpster this week!

Did I mention that the mover called me a “trailing spouse?”  That sounds terrible. It sounds like heartbroken woman who has been mistreated, who is desperately trying to convince herself and her husband that she is worth loving.  As a result, she follows her husband around like a puppy all the while trying to impress.  Ok, so that might be a bit over dramatic.  How about the “ambitious yet supportive spouse.”  That sounds much more like a strong woman who is willing to uproot her family and move across the country to make sure that the family grows stronger and all are successful.

On the other hand. . . Feeling so terribly torn by commitments that we have already made here in California, and the time constraints that are being place on us, I am trying to come up with a scheme that will allow us to do all that we need to do here, before we have to leave.   I was nearly in tears sitting across from the mover.  Realizing that Maya will most likely turn seven, finish 1st grade, start loosing teeth, and learn how to tie her shoes before we are in a place where we might be able to come home to our families.  Ethan will not be far behind.  He will probably start T-ball,  maybe ice hockey, and Kindergarten without having his family in the audience to cheer him on.

I guess it is my job as the “ambitious yet supportive spouse” to be reassuring to the husband and kids, while keeping the insecurities to myself.  I’ll see what I can do about that.  I tend to wear my feelings on my sleeve for all to see.