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     What originally seemed like a lifetime away is quickly sneaking up on us.  MOVING DAY!  My goal is to move the second week of August.  That gives us time to wrap things up here, and still get settled before Maya has to start school.  How does that saying go about best laid plans. By the way, in all of my panic, I registered Maya for Kindergarten without knowing where we will be living.  It was the heat of the moment.  Head spinning and heart racing, I caved to the pressure of  “Well, it IS the last full day spot we have available.”  Aghhhhhh, sign us up, sign us up, pretty please.  I am such a wimp sometimes.  Nevermind, she has a spot.  That is the most important thing. 

  I keep trying to put on the breaks, but it seems that this moving truck just keeps rolling. In the past two days, we have been contacted by the real estate lady, the moving company, the relocation manager, and the “future”.  The “future” being, the companies that I am sure we will single-handedly be supporting in our quest to stay warm, Columbia and Sorel.  A secret contact kindly reached out to us and sent us the “golden ticket” of all coupons, the Friends and Family Card.  Fifty percent off in any of the company stores.  Sweet!  We might be getting ahead of ourselves a tad.  We ordered parkas, fleece sweatshirts, mittens, and a variety of snow boots for everyone. We also ordered snow bibs for the kids.  They are part of the school supply list, along with a backpack big enough to hold them. Holy crap!