Matteawan State Hospital & Cemetery

Thank you to the families that are researching and providing information of these types of injustices.

The Inmates of Willard 1870 to 1900 / A Genealogy Resource

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Matteawan State Hospital, State Asylum for Insane Criminals – Men & Women.
Beacon, Dutchess County, New York.
1916 Matteawan State Hospital.

1. South Flank Pavilions-Matteawan 1. South Flank Pavilions-Matteawan

2. Administration Building-Matteawan 2. Administration Building-Matteawan

3. Entrance Hallway-Matteawan 3. Entrance Hallway-Matteawan

4. South Interior Court-Matteawan 4. South Interior Court-Matteawan

5. Matteawan 5. Matteawan

6. Public Kitchen-Matteawan 6. Public Kitchen-Matteawan

7. Laundry Building-Matteawan 7. Laundry Building-Matteawan

8. Boiler House and Dynamo Building-Matteawan 8. Boiler House and Dynamo Building-Matteawan

9. Front View-Matteawan 9. Front View-Matteawan

Twenty-Third Annual Report Of The Medical Superintendent Of The State Asylum For Insane Criminals, Matteawan, N.Y., For the Year Ending September 30, 1892.
[Post-Office, Fishkill-On-The-Hudson.]

Hon. AUSTIN LATHROP, Superintendent Of State Prisons.

Resident Officers:
H.E. ALLISON, M.D., Medical Superintendent. 

J. ELVIN COURTNEY, M.D., First Assistant Physician.
LUTHER C. JONES, M.D., Second Assistant Physician.
R.B. LAMB, M.D., Resident Clinical Assistant.

Hon. Austin Lathrop, Superintendent of State Prisons:

Sir.— The following pages which, in accordance…

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Learning to Cook – Veggies First


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Since my last post we have moved yet again. However, this was a much easier move since it was within the same neighborhood. We have been in Arkansas for almost a year and really love our neighborhood so we decided to buy. After renting for three years, this has been a nice change. It is always good to have a place that is your own; not that renting didn’t have an up side. We have enjoyed putting our own personal touches into the house. For the most part it looks great and we are getting back into a routine.

Now that we are not in such a whirlwind I have decided to practice cooking. I have always enjoyed cooking, but the outcomes are not always reliable. If I follow a recipe I do pretty well most of the time, so that is where I am going to start. My first focus is going to be on veggies. I don’t eat a huge variety of them but I am trying to branch out. Thanks to the local William Sonoma, I have 365 recipes in my hot little hands that are organized by season and listed in the index by main ingredient.

We have been receiving a FarmBox once a week with a variety of seasonal fruits and veggies that are both local and organic. This lends itself nicely to my personal adventure since we often get items like chard, bok choy, and collard greens. Our most recent delivery brought us some beautiful asparagus. Everyone in our house likes asparagus so that seemed like a good place to start.

I looked though the dozen entries for asparagus and landed on the “Spring Vegetable Tart.” I think part of the draw to this particular recipe was the photo in the book. I always do better when I have an idea of what the finished product should look like.   Anyway, this turned out to be a fairly simple recipe since it used premade puff pastry and very few other ingredients. I used puff pastry, Fontina cheese, asparagus, leeks, eggs, salt, pepper, and milk.


This is my version.


The photo from the book. 

Despite that I apparently used too much filling, this really did turn out tasty.  The kids ate the asparagus off the top and left the rest.  I guess egg on pastry shell is not so much a kid thing. From a grown up perspective the egg filling firmed up nicely. I even got some of my curly leeks to brown up; just like in the photo. Overall, this was pretty easy and I would totally make it again.  It would be good for a girls lunch date or an appetizer for a party.

The note about the recipe says that you could use any spring veggies, that it should be paired with white wine, and enjoyed on a patio or deck.

Personally, I think it would have paired well with bacon!

William Sonoma Spring Vegetable Tart

1 sheet frozen puff pastry (about 1/2 lb), thawed.

1c. shredded Fontina cheese

15-20 thin asparagus spears, ends trimmed

1 small leek, white part only, halved and thinly sliced

2 eggs

1/4 c.  whole milk (I used part heavy cream and part 2% because that is what I had.)

Salt and freshly ground pepper


Preheat oven to 400 F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Lay the puff pastry on the prepared sheer fold the sides over to make a 1-inch rim, overlapping the pastry at the corners and present it lightly.  Inside the rim, prick the pastry all over with a fork. Sprinkle half of the cheese over the bottom of the pastry inside the rim.  Top with the asparagus, laying the spears vertically in a row from one side of the pastry to the other.  Sprinkle the leeks over the asparagus.  Bake for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, in a bowl, beat the eggs, milk, 1/2 tsp salt, and several grinds of pepper until well combined.  Remove the pastry from the oven. Pour the egg mixture evenly the asparagus and leeks and sprinkle with the remaining cheese.  Bake until the pastry is puffed and golden brown, about 10 minutes. Let the tart stand for about 10 minutes before serving.

Our Trip to Beaver Creek Colorado

The past year has been brutal we have lived through two deaths in my family, one cross-country move, and a new job.  Our shoulders and hearts had been heavy with the burdens that everyone deals with at some point in their life.  Unknown to us at the time, what we needed was something to lighten the mood and lift the spirits.  Wouldn’t you know it, at just the right moment, thanks to a secret source, we came into a free week in a beautiful time share located in Beaver Creek Colorado.  Beaver Creek is a quiet ski community near Vail.  Neither Andrew or myself had been to Colorado for anything other than business. With the daunting idea of a fourteen hour drive to get there, we almost passed up the offer.  Thank God we didn’t.

So began our trip.  With our two little ones, we ventured out onto the highway and drove the first leg of our journey.  We decided to break it up into two days to make it a little easier.  I don’t know what it is that I find so beautiful about corn fields, but we sure did see a ton of them. Long story short, we drove forever, stayed in the middle of nowhere (Kansas), and finally arrived at the time share in Colorado the following day.  The highlight of the drive was the train park that we stayed at.Maya and Ethan were the only kids at the park.  The big Union Pacific engine came to a stop directly in front of the park, close enough to hit it with a rock, but on the other side of a chain link fence.  The engineer then proceeded to honk and wave at them as if he had pulled up and stopped just for them.

This could be anywhere between Arkansas and Colorado. Corn for miles and miles.

This could be anywhere between Arkansas and Colorado. Corn for miles and miles.

Aside from the pool, I think the kids liked the tub the best.

Nothing like a big old bath tub after a long drive.

Nothing like a big old bath tub after a long drive.

On the first day, we went white water rafting with Nova Guides.  I highly recommend them to anyone that is going to be out that way.  We toured the Upper Colorado River. It was more of a float with some bumpy waters, but for us it was perfect.  We didn’t even have to wear wet suits because there is almost no chance of ending up in the river unless you jump in.  Ethan couldn’t stand the idea of being that close to the water and not getting wet.  He also recognized that it was a moving river and he’s still learning to swim.  This is a tough problem when you are only four years old.  Thankfully, his Daddy came to the rescue with a happy medium, the dunk and pull.  Andrew lifted both kids separately, over the edge of the boat, dunked them in the river and then air lifted them back into the water.  The kids loved it.  Such a good dad!

I know what you are thinking. Where are the photo of the rafting trip?

Well, this is a funny side story.  The photos from this portion of the trip are on film.  Yes, I said film, the archaic medium used to preserve life events until the fairly recent invention of the digital camera.  Seeing as we were to be of the water and I don’t have a fancy waterproof camera, I purchased four waterproof disposables and each of us had our own.  The kids loved this.  They are still not sure how come they can’t see the pictures yet, but enjoyed taking them none the less.  I will try and post them when they come back from the developer. Did you know that Walmart still develops film on-site in some locations?

Getting back on track.

Again, calling on Nova guides we headed out for more adventures.  This time however, we rented ATVs.  These are some serious off-road quads.  They are designed for touring and rugged trails, not so much driving fast and making fast turns. They were perfect for us seeing as we had very little experience in this department.

The kids both had some reservations at first but as soon as they started getting the gear on they were giggling and ready to go.

For the first part leg of the ride, we didn’t know that the kids were allowed to ride in front of us, so they rode behind us in the “King Seat.”  Once they moved to the front seat and could see better, they had much more fun.

We rode almost to the top of Resolution Mountain (11,604 ft.) with a guide.  The views are breath-taking to put it mildly. From where we were, we could look across the valley and see Mt. Elbert, the tallest peak in the Colorado Rockies and Mt. Massive ( the largest single rock in Rockies).

Resolution Trail, overlooking White River National Park, Colorado

Resolution Trail, overlooking White River National Park, Colorado

That's me!  Oh yeah, Mt. Elbert is the pointy mountain in the background.

That’s me! Oh yeah, Mt. Elbert is the pointy mountain in the background.

We had so much fun on this adventure, that we booked for the following day as well.  On the second tour, we went up the East Fork.  From this side of the valley, we could look down and see the remains of a military training site that was used in World War I.  All that remains are some building foundations and some of the shooting range structures.  We learned about the military history of the valley and about Aspen trees.

On this day, the kids were most interested in the puddles that had been created by the rains the previous night.  Did I mention it’s monsoon season in Colorado. Since it was just us and an older couple, the tour guide let us play around a bit.  He even took pictures for us.

This was a series of three or four very large puddles.  The deepest, came to the top of the foot rest on the machines. Andrew and Ethan hit the puddles hard and fast, resulting in giant splashes, wet legs, and big smiles.  The splashing puddle of Andrew and Ethan is the only one where you can actually see Ethan.  In all the others, the mud is too high and thick to see him.  Maya and I did not go through quite as fast, but we still made a huge splash. We put our feet up on the front of the machine so we would not get wet. Both kids loved this and thought it was hilarious to be playing in the mud.

It rained several of the evenings we were there.  Just after three thirty, four o’clockish, the clouds would roll in and the thunder and lightening would start.  We had to get out of the pool two of the nights due to the lightening. Since they did not have air conditioners (Who needs it up there?) we had the windows open for most of the day.  When the rain would start we would just sit and listen to the big drops fall to the ground as the thunder rolled through echoing off the the mountains. The air was so fresh and clean.

Our patio in the rain.

Our patio in the rain.

Looking out the back door during the rain.

Looking out the back door during the rain.

On the last night, it stayed cool and clear for us.  We walked over to the base of the ski area and ate on the patio of an elegant restaurant.  Then headed to the bonfire area and made s’mores.  Maya and Ethan made friends and spent the evening running and playing in the mountain air.

We made the drive home all in one day.  I was so impressed with the kids.  The played their Leapsters and watched movies.  I don’t think they fought at all.  It poured rain and flashed lightening relentlessly from Hayes, Kansas all the way through to Arkansas.  In total, Andrew drove about nine of the fourteen hours is crazy storms.  At one point, Maya was counting lightening strikes.  After about 10 minutes, she lost count at one-hundred and twenty.  Andrew and I dialed into Pandora and sung along with the oldies for most of the drive.

When all was said and done, we spent had spent days driving, laughing, singing, swimming, and adventuring together.  This turned out to be just what we needed to regain perspective and prepare us for whatever comes next.  I think we made memories that none of us will soon forget.

So Close, Yet So Far Away

ImageIt will be one year this month, since my Mom died.  I often find that I miss her terribly.  For as much as I gave her a hard time for calling almost everyday, I would settle for that right now.  I guess I will settle for the recorded voice mails that I never got around to deleting from our home phone. 

Anyway, for about the past week and a half, she has been in my dreams every night.  I am trying to believe that these dreams are a gift, something like bonus time that I am some how getting,  but I wake up feeling broken hearted and angry every time. She comes into my dreams shortly after I fall asleep and we spend what feels like a long time together.  Usually, only I know she is there and she only interacts with me despite other people being in the scene.  However, occasionally, she will interact with my kids.  She seems so close that I can smell her and feel her presence, yet I am unable to touch her or give her a hug.  In life, she was always very concerned about her retirement.  In my dreams, I am often trying to explain to her, that she can’t use her retirement anymore and that it has been taken care of.  She seems very frustrated and does not seem to realize that she has passed away.  Other times she is happily going along (more realistically, she is happily rushing me along) with whatever is happening in my dream.  There is never anything tragic happening in these dreams, just the normal everyday things that we often did together.  I can tell when I am starting to wake up from these dreams because she appears to get startled and then she slowly fades away.  I uselessly plead with her to stay, but she always goes and I wake up feeling sad and angry. 

I guess this drives home for me the concept of so close, yet so far away. 


President Obama vs. Dwight Howard


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Barack Obama Freethrow

Barack Obama free-throw

Dwight Howard Freethrow

Dwight Howard free-throw

As a parent I recognize that I may be overly proud of my children and therefore somewhat biased in my opinions of their intelligence.  I listen to their words and secretly congratulate myself for a job well done when I see glimpses of their personal genius shine through. Sometimes, this swollen sense of pride and ego gets a reality check resulting in a comic moment that can cause uncontrollable laughter.  Such is the case in my most recent reality check.

The kids and I had been out gallivanting through Northwest Arkansas and decided that we had to eat and Maya had to pee.  We decided on a small sports bar, don’t laugh yet, my failings as a parent will only become more obvious a this story continues.  All kidding aside, it was lunchtime and Maya’s bladder was calling. In that situation, we go wherever we can get the fastest. After taking care of business, we found our seats at a cozy booth near the window.  Ethan picked the side that would allow him the best view of the ESPN recap of Basketball’s most current events.  Maya and I sat opposite of him.  After ordering, Ethan abruptly and very loudly shouted, “Obama” and pointed to the television screen behind me. Without remembering that the television was tuned to ESPN, my false sense of parenting greatness began to cloud my reality vision, almost immediately.  I could feel my face flush with pride.  I asked Ethan, “Do you know who Barack Obama is?” “He’s the president, Mom,” Ethan recanted with an undeniable tone of superiority. The “Mommy Pride Meter” took another big leap up as my inner dialogue congratulated me.  “Well done, he’s only four and a half and he knows that Obama is the president and he can recognize him as well.” As we continued to discuss the topic I caught a glimpse of the television out of the corner of my eye.  I quickly turned and asked Ethan to point to the president.  He pointed to the screen.  Instantly, the needle on the Mommy Pride Meter coiled up, sprung off the meter and popped my delusional over inflated ego.  The inner dialogue went crazy laughing uncontrollable at me. I didn’t really know that was even possible.

Finally, feeling a more realistic level of pride I tried to contain the laughter within my head so as not to hurt Ethan’s feelings. I explained to him, that the man that he had identified as the president was in fact Dwight Howard from the Los Angeles Lakers.  I pointed back to the screen.  There he stood, yellow Lakers jersey and all.

I am still proud of him for knowing that Barack Obama is the president. And now he knows, that Dwight Howard is not the president, but a basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers,  at least temporarily.

The idea of Howard being the president would probably be enough to make Kobe Bryant flee the United States.  After all with “King James” and “President Howard” that does not leave much room for “Injured Bryant”.  If you are impressed by my sports knowledge, relax, that’s all I’ve got.